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The Melbourne Bear Bazaar has started back in 2016 by Kim and Josey from the Bear Essence shop in Tooradin, Victoria. The show successfully run for 4 years, it was the main place for teddy bear makers to gather and share the day with like minded people in Melbourne, Australia.

At the beginning of 2020 the show has been taken over by  Irina and Dean Harry, however the world pandemic made it impossible for the organizers to run a show live, until 2022.

After 2 years of living online we believe the face-to-face show is what we all need! We hope this year the show will come back renewed, re-energized and bring a lot of fun to both makers, collectors and all teddy bear admirers. 

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"Hi there! Welcome! My name is Irina and I am Melbourne based textile artist, who has been making toys and dolls since I was a kid and then it became my full time passion in 2010 and occupation a few years later.

My creations live in many countries all around the world and hopefully bringing an extra smile to their owners' faces each day! 

I have been part of many exhibitions in Australia and Germany, both online and on site. This is how I know the atmosphere of an face to face show is so special! I love participating myself and now thrilled to make it for others!

Love and passion for anything handmade, especially art toys and dolls have lead me to expand my interest to a modern teddy bear making world. And what a world of creativity, warmth and nostalgia it is! So when the opportunity came to run a show in Melbourne, I took with open arms!

My dream is to share that cuddly feeling you get from Teddies with everyone and show that toy making is not just a hobby, its a form of artistry and a special way of self expression that can brighten up not only your day but also someone else's!

You are welcome to follow my own artistic journey at  Felt Like It.


Nice to meet you!

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